Zhang Chen of the Chinese men's volleyball war Olympic Qualifying Tournament: doing all they could for

The day before yesterday, the International Men's Volleyball Classic ended in Zhenjiang,Snapbacks wholesale the Chinese team won the championship, the end of the Olympic Games defeat before the final warm-up. Today, Chinese men will leave for Japan tomorrow to participate in the London Olympics Qualifying Tournament. Men's Volleyball team members have an extraordinary attention, he is the 5th national team Jiangsu Men's Volleyball Team captain Chen Zhang . National Men's Volleyball Team assembled in April in hydrogen has not been home, in his heart, has also been worried about is the father that he just recovered. Before you depart for a visit to Japan in hydrogen Modern Express in an exclusive interview, he said: "This year, I ate a lot of pain, Dad, I am doing all!"

Father and Son

The father was seriously ill, through the dark season

Recently, the National Men's Volleyball Team in Zhenjiang International Men's Volleyball Classic, Zhang Chen reunion "home". He was the most exciting thing is that in Zhenjiang, he saw his father - the former Jiangsu Men's Volleyball coach Zhang Yousheng. This is the first father and son a few months to meet. Zhang Chen's father, just returned from a serious illness in rehabilitation, to see his son very happy. "To see the father spirit is getting better and better, I was moved to say what, but I am really happy," said Zhang Chen.

Zhang Yousheng old men 's volleyball national team in recent years has served as the assistant coach of the Jiangsu Man Volleyball. Late last year, the occasion when the Volleyball League start, he was found to be heart problems. "Obey Snapbacks I heard the father the news of illness, a sudden panic, I was hurt." Zhang Chen recalled the feelings.

Identify the problems, Zhang Yousheng the heart of the need to accept a valve replacement surgery to remove two ribs, and opened his mouth surgery is very risky. Competition tasks in hydrogen do not have time to accompany his father's side. Zhang Yousheng surgery is very successful, but he is after 60-year-old, has experienced such a major surgery, badly hurt. "At that time the league is just getting started, I have always been playing the game, do not have time to go back. Him only my mother, before and after surgery, my mother tell the truth, I really regret, there is no be able to accompany my father around, "said Zhang Chen.

Even more disturbing is that the Jiangsu team, last season there is a crisis. Assistant coach became ill, Lord Chen Ping foot fracture, has been on the field, a large area of injury ... as the captain of Zhang Chen could not work miracles. "Dad's body is not good, the team record is not good, then it is my life so far the darkest season."

Loyalty and filial piety

Playing the Olympics, and his son shared the dream of

Since ancient times, Zhongxiao dilemma, which may be thousands of years, a solution of the question. This multiple-choice questions, many times hovering in the national team the edge, finally Zhang Chen for a firm foothold, even more difficult.

Last more than six months, most Zhang Chen tangled father's health status is uncertain, has experienced new heights of international career .

From October 2005 the first national team start last year in hydrogen is four times the national team, but also returned four times. "Every time I was elected into the national team, I own, with confidence, stepping down will be very much frustrated and then repeated this case, that time is very tough, the whole person is groggy state, but also do not want to play, that very self-defeating. "most child heart in 2008,Quebec Nordiques Zhang Chen finally at the Beijing Olympics as a national team to play, but because of back injury to be washed off at the last minute," At that time, really do not want to do not want to play, do not want to play the saw volleyball I feel disgusted and annoyed. peacetime training or to attend, but coaches and players, no one saw that I was wrong, knowing I will not state. mention that part of memory in hydrogen are now able to smile said. Fifth last year in hydrogen into the national team, he has not been able to accompany his father's side, during that time, almost every day cranky. "My father's body is slightly better, call me, and said nothing to his body, so I do not get distracted to concentrate on training." Zhang Chen heart or miss, but still listened to the words of the father. Because he knows his father's heart is also an Olympic dream. His most hope I was able to serve their country, to participate in the Olympic Games, I have to fight for him. "

Fortunately, Zhang Yousheng recovered well, and now resting at home, every day downstairs and walk with my dog.

Tears and Smiles

Injured play, adhere to the hearts of the same

The family of Zhang Chen was born in volleyball, sixth grade formal contact with volleyball. Able to adhere to the present, Chen Zhang eat a lot of pain, with injuries all year round and he was.

Shortly before a training in hydrogen waist sprain, this old's back to a rainy day on pins and needles. "There is no serious problem, now fixed with a belt, or to continue the training." Chat, he says, smiling easily. Each training game down, Zhang Chen's belt soaked in sweat.

Zhang Chen's hard, many people have seen.

2001, Zhang Chen a training careless toe, the doctor clearly instructed to rest for a month, but 17-year-old, so young and trying to flaunt the age, make him a whole day on the sidelines watching others in the field training, improve, and how may resist, "At that time I felt my heart hurry, afraid to keep up, so go back and put the plaster smashed." 2011 Men's Volleyball World Cup, the final round match against Argentina, Zhang Chen after the game due to back injury kneeling down to the ground. Several times before the national team, but I have been wandering in off the bench, but that league, I could not even played 11 games, from beginning to end is not down for the national team finally gave me the opportunity, I must grasp live, I need to prove himself. more you sweat in training, the game can be few tears! "for injuries, Zhang Chen's point of view is able to carry down the line.

In his view, their biggest shortcoming of passion is not enough: "I think they usually play,Chicago Bulls Snapback Hatstoo calm, but an athlete, passion is the most important. I would like to do in every game can be put into, or even to the extent of carried away. "

Them in the eyes of Zhang Chen

Lu Wei (Jiangsu Men's Volleyball coach):

2005 in hydrogen Jiangsu Man Volleyball Team head coach Lu Wei also did his teammates. Also Mentor Lu Wei, Chen Zhang less polite: "So far in hydrogen in the wind the ball and the momentum of not being tough enough in the Jiangsu team captain should be the central figure in the field, but I think he has not been found. can drive his progress through the experience of the national team, I hope he can become the most lethal and the impact of the spiker. "Lu Wei on Zhang Chen look forward to:" I hope that Zhang Chen in the wind the ball. momentum can be a breakthrough, this breakthrough technology can drive on a platform. "

Zhang Changning (Zhang Chen's sister, women's beach volleyball national team):

Half siblings, but Zhang Changning and a feelings of wonderful: "I'm in kindergarten, do not want to eat well, be sure to brother fed and I ate Mom and Dad feed will not work." In her brother here. The Changning baby: this year's April Fool's Day in the United States training but I lie to him to say I am back to Beijing, and returned to him with a small gift and told him to go downstairs to come and collect. brother really believe that.

Requirements for the future sister-in-law, Chang Ning says with a laugh: "I do not have stringent requirements, I want her to family-to my brother Haojiu Hang because I think my brother is kind does not pay attention to their own bodies need to have a truly care about him. "

ZHANG You-sheng (Zhang Chen's father, Jiangsu Men's Volleyball coach)

"Either fight Volleyball, is his own decision." Zhang Chen sixth grade formal contact with the volleyball,Toronto Raptors but Dad is not much time to teach him. "Not so much the technology, I gave him more to the impact is to be a qualified captain to do a socially useful."

Our training is the main team, the replacement of a team bench lineup Azeri enough, I will join. "In such cases, Zhang Chen never soft. "If I have a 50-year-old old man down to the ground, he ashamed ah," said Zhang Yousheng.

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