The ultra-jin of the men's basketball baggage checked 2 hours 4 Nova look forward to the Olympic debut

Poland, the Chinese team to the London transit station, two games,Obey Snapbacks one win and one loss before the Olympic Games warm-up all over. London, the Chinese men's basketball.

On the morning of the 19th, the Chinese men's basketball at the Beijing Capital International Airport, take a flight to Poland, the final sprint to prepare for the Olympic Games . Zhou Peng , Ding Jinhui, Zhang Zhaoxu and Guo Ailun and other young players, this is their first Olympic Games for the old players such as Wang and Liu Wei, which may be their careers in the last Olympic Games. Before boarding the plane and friends say goodbye, pictured with his teammates at the airport, the bit of the journey are worth recording, worth treasuring.

The expedition, the Chinese team a line 24, and accompanying baggage weighing more than one extremely heavy. With more than two hours at the airport check-in baggage only. In the process of waiting, many fans approached some pictures and autographs. "This is a photo of the long, right?" Wang smiled and said female fans. "Is the time of the Asian Games, fans explained.

Coupled with flight delays and turnaround time in Germany, Frankfurt airport, the Chinese team from Beijing to Poland with more than 20 hours to达卡托维茨stay hotel is the local time at 2 p.m. on the 19th and more. Long-haul flights and some fatigue, but fortunately jet lag is not too great. The Chinese team were training in Poland for the first time. After dinner, many players take pictures in front of the hotel, Wang and Chen took out his cell phone posed for each other to help take pictures. Assistant coach Li Nan and even playing the self-timer, so that some can not help laughing.

"Guo Ailun! Guo Allan?" On the bus to the training hall in the morning of the 20th, the team translation Shan Hao into the cart, shouting loudly. Before departure, the team no matter where, always confirm Guo Allan is in the car. Heard someone shout "Guo Ailun name, Chicago Blackhawks Snapback Hats sitting in the front row of coach Hua Germany can not help but stand up and back with a smile looked sitting behind Guo Allan.

"We want the pursuit of perfection, every detail must be the best!" Hua Germany shouted to the players. From to London in less than 60 hours per a training is essential. At 10:00 on the 22nd, the second warm-up games held in 15:30, the Chinese team and not in the morning for training. Players can leisurely enjoy the hotel's breakfast, "you know what? Tunisia yesterday to win the British team," said Sun Yue asked sitting diagonally across from teammate Wang Shipeng.

"Poland, Spain lost 2 points, we won Poland 1, if I said yesterday that three minutes into the, then we win Poland 4. Such a calculation, we played Spain can win two points," Sun Yue continued . "Your math is really good!" Wangshipeng quipped. "That we can only Sike Russia," said one side of ZhangZhaoXu interrupted.

"Australia can also be it!" Yi Jianlian joined the topic, "They're just defense." Lao Deng not to say that the actions of the Australian team may not be applicable to the referee do? "Zhang Zhaoxu said.

Australia first may not adapt, but then will gradually get better and the referee will meet the competition, they can not be the entire game scales whistled down. We still do their Wang Shipeng made a summary of the discussion on the Olympic opponents.

23 6:30 am, when the Chinese team went to the United Kingdom, Monster Energy Snapback Hats Cato Horowitz is no direct flight to London, they can only Frankfurt Airport in Germany first, and then onward flights to London. Assistant coach Du Feng and two players, Zhang Bo , Wang Zhelin will return to China.

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