The Lippi Fushuai: The minimum super champion of foreign aid blocking the growth of local players

Of course, along with Lippi came to Guangzhou, as well as a team full of experience and passion,MLB many of them, is also a member of the World Cup champion team. In their eyes, Lippi is not only a close working partnership, it is majestic masters of football. In the middle of the night on the 20th, a 2-0 win over Qingdao Fushuai Peizuo Di said seriously: "The coaching staff to develop the minimum target is the league title, the goal of the AFC, etc. so after the first, Lippi get a clear idea of the situation after we go to be decided. "
Fabio: the Lippi Mr. Detective, your team, what kind of views?
Peizuo Di: Lippi asked me to China's request, I promise, I want to go to the football world outside of Italy to accept the challenge. In the two months before landing in Guangzhou Lippi, I do everything can do. When he took office, I have management experience told him in detail.
Fabio: What is your feelings of Chinese football as a spectator,?
Peizuo Di: every corner in China, you can see the fanatical fans. All want to improve the standard of football in China, and from that point, the club is smaller than the difficulty of the operation of the national team:Obey Snapbacks You can take a look at the super scorer, 10 which is hard even to see a Chinese person. Foreign aid will hinder the growth of domestic players, is very detrimental to the national team, which is very similar and Italy.
Fabio: You are the best fitness coach in Italy, seeking a job in the Serie A should be very simple, why should we come to China?
High Dino: very simple, because Lippi sent the invitation to me, Mr. I never refuse him, and trust in him is an honor for me. Of course, away from Italy is not easy. First arrived in Guangzhou these days, few of us have been the jet lag. This is work, this is life. Language and food? Not a problem, we all adapt.
Fabio: You are first added Lippi coaching, or thousands of kilometers away from Italy ...
Lan Pula: last summer, many coaches sent me the invitation, such as: Gasperini had invited me to join Inter Milan. But they failed to impress me, until the Lippi Mr. the contract in front of me. No one can refuse Lippi,Cheap snapbacks for sale no matter where the destination is.
Fabio: Hengda two outstanding goalkeeper, how you look at the competition between them?
Lan Pula: the level of the Italian goalkeeper is the highest in the world. The Italian national team, we have Buffon and Toldo. Unfortunately the two outstanding goalkeeper is not starting at the same time, but it also means the team has a double insurance. I will know all the skills imparted to them, As for play, to look at the spot status, and the coach's choice.
Fabio: talk about the feelings of early-?
Motor Maloney: I came to China for two reasons. First, ,2009-10 season and Ferrara, I've been through a period of catastrophic by the relentless accusations of the media and fans. That is the most difficult time of my life, but Lippi Mr. constantly encouraged me. And Marcello Lippi, coach of world champion together I can learn a lot. Secondly, in the case of economic crisis, almost all Europeans want to come to China, I am very honored to be the forerunner of them.
Fabio: On the first training sessions, we see you alone with the the Hengda youth team players in a field training, you will focus on youth training? After all, you to train young people in Italy famous.
Motor Maloney: Hengda is an emphasis on training young team,NBA Snapbacks Mr. Lippi also agree with the idea of the construction team, I am willing to offer my skills in this area.


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