Sports dialogue Qian Chen: will go to Inner Mongolia Fengxun seven weeks focusing on fight opponents

Although not to enroll in this competition, Cheap snapbacks for sale Qian Chen of China's modern pentathlon team leader or in Chengdu Shuang Coubertin Modern Pentathlon Centre, in the stands and coach Wang can come together to study the game.
Among the two men hiding in the audience, sometimes with a smile exchange, sometimes stern, but around no one noticed that the Chinese first Modern Pentathlon Women's World Champion, and she won the individual runner-up recently in the Rome World Championships and group third. The exchange to debut in Chengdu, the reporter, and Qian Chen is from Sichuan, "eat".
Sports: Sichuan, to go out and try the food here!
Qian Chen: Actually, I liked to eat Sichuan food, but eat Sichuan food is easy to acne (laughs). Coach them out to eat hot pot, I tried to get Ren Ren.
Sports: feeling that many female athletes of the modern pentathlon beauty, painted nail polish, earrings, earrings, great personality ...
Qian Chen: This varies from person to person it with the personal character of the relationship, there is no fixed pattern. In fact, the European players prefer more of the Chinese girls or attach importance to the connotation, unlike European players then play, others notice.
Sports: whether that teammates more emphasis on this?
Qian Chen: We have very little, because we will focus more on the game, rarely think about these small details in life.
Sports: but the beauty of the nature of the girl.
Qian Chen: okay. We practice modern pentathlon girls go out,Cartoon Snapbacks we will not feel anything special. We are not very high, not very strong, very few people recognize that you are an athlete. And most of our time is spent on training, one week only day of rest. Will sometimes to go shopping, but the most of their energies Du placed on the training and competition on the, pairs of other aspects of will not consider too much.
Sport: shopping where?
Qian Chen: near Zhongguancun, far away, then went to Xidan. (Editor's Note: Modern Pentathlon team usually trained at the Beijing Sports University.)
Sport: shopping when there not have been recognized over ah?
Qian Chen: No, never.
Sports: distance from the Olympic Games is getting closer, you next how to prepare it?
Qian Chen: our team will go to Inner Mongolia, closed seven weeks training for the final sprint for the London Olympics. The closed end of the training back to Beijing to rest about a week, directly to London.
Sports: the World Championship title in 2009, brought a lot of pressure on the results to you?
Qian Chen: Pressure okay. The strengths of this project or the Europeans of the modern pentathlon, they have more advantages, although we have made some achievements, but still lagging behind compared with them, the ups and downs of our results is relatively large. So, do not think his past had much success, but to focus on now how to fight opponents.
Sports: This is strengths in Europe, mainly in what aspects?
Qian Chen: Take the first fencing for European players to play than we are much more stable, the results of each game are stable on the ups and downs of small scores, and if we compare well will be ups and downs. Moreover,Chicago Blackhawks Snapback Hats their physical fitness but also not a problem, generally no weaknesses. For us, fencing and equestrian, if handled poorly, the ups and downs will be relatively large.
Sports: That this title to bring you what changes?
Qian Chen: In fact, two years after winning is not particularly successful, probably because of the win after win again, the game will not allow their own mistakes, some demanding requirements, and often this time is even more prone to problems. If you too want to score, too want results, but will ignore the process. Their own results to see light, and come back to attach importance to the process.
Sports: This championship also have an impact on your life?
Qian Chen: did not are basic change, or quite normal, we the lives of are mainly is the training and competition.
Sports arena: practiced in the you did not turn the before the modern pentathlon is the swimming, this regard competitions O'clock yes is not a have an advantage?
Qian Chen: I first practiced the breaststroke, the modern pentathlon than freestyle, 200 meters freestyle, the best result is about 2 minutes and 15 seconds, is also quite good in the international arena. European players before the election, brought over directly from the swimming results may be less than 2 minutes and 10 seconds advantage on this project. Like France, a girl, her results in two minutes and 67 seconds, click on than you are leading a lot. (Editor's note: swimming every fast / slow 0.33 seconds fraction increase / decrease 4 points)
Sports arena: modern pentathlon the the difference between of several single item very large, which the how to to regulate the?
Qian Chen: In fact, each individual has the characteristics of each individual, for us, since engaged in this project, you have to practice in accordance with the characteristics of this project to this project. Such as fencing, you're excited,New York Jets need breaks out, we have targeted training; and shooting, you need to calm some for you, we will carry out some anti-interference training.
Sports arena: That the you the the advantages of and disadvantages of in the in the this a few single item, respectively, What is the?
Qian Chen: In addition to the fencing play is not very stable, with several other projects are more evenly. From my own head some disadvantage, many foreign players height of 1.8 meters or more, and my height (1.63 m) arm length gap with them. However, the coach will be to me according to the characteristics to design some of the tactics. From London two months, the players list will be out, we will be the next opponent's technical statistics, based on these targeted training.
Sports: The next training will focus? Fencing such as you just mentioned?
Qian Chen: In fact, five projects are important, you have a particularly strong individual, but if there are weak will give you down the pull-apart, so it is still evenly.
Sports for London Olympics: That you have what to expect?
Qian Chen: We will London Olympic Games as a difficult battle to fight, because when the requirements of the game than Beijing, such as equestrian obstacle to highly subject to change; run shot of the site slope and grassland, the top 500 m is the slope, the European players to adapt to, and we usually run to the ground more, the increased difficulty for us. Olympics for me is a more difficult challenge, the higher demands of each project, and can level to break out on their own is the best explanation.


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