Spain 4-1 South Korea Torres broke Alonso points to kill

The RUTHERFORD FRANCISCO, May 31, at 2 o'clock,Snapbacks wholesale the 2012 European Cup defending champions Spain in Bern, Switzerland, a neutral stadium usher in a second warm-up matches against Asian powerhouse South Korea. The final Spanish team to a victory over South Korea, Torres first half break, Kim Doo-hyun to tie the game. The second half Alonso penalty meritorious deeds, Casola kick directly break, Negredo icing on the cake, Spanish warm-up match winning streak.
The first warm-up match Spain 2-0 victory over Serbia. Not long ago, the defending champion to participate in the European Cup 23-man squad is officially confirmed. But by the Spanish King's Cup final, Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao striker permission of the Bosque will be on vacation until June 1, so the players of both teams missed this war. Spain starting goalkeeper position Reina instead of Iker Casillas , Real Madrid Arbeloa , Ramos, Albiol led defense Menglei Yar as a left back, Alonso midfield partner of Rafael Stuart defensive midfielder, Casola, Silva, Mata Torres front. South Korea for the warm-up purpose is not to reposition itself in the strongest array.
Intentionally within the first four minutes, the Casola peripheral sudden Shi Leng Jian, Torres restricted area Dianshe, ball refraction wiping the column Chuledixian, campaign Bosque main purpose is to examine the Torres state; 10 minutes, Alonso peripheral far shot, the South Korean goalkeeper Kim Jin-hyun struggling saved one minute Houtuoleisi score, Beni Stuart left plugged in from the ball to the restricted area,Cartoon Snapbacks the South Korea defense problems, the Torres Beiduiqiumen light headed, rub the ball into the corner, a to 0. Video Torres behalf of the Spanish national team scored 28 goals, is also a 2012 first team to score the last goal to be traced back to June 4, 2011; 17 minutes, Picasso pull the peripheral low shot saved by goalkeeper.
20 minutes, South Korea quickly counterattack, the root-ho Lee volley just wide; 28 minutes, South Korea fight back on the right, pass the ball to the point after Albiol header from the top of the bottom line, corner after destruction; minutes, Mata Middle Road, the ball suddenly kicker Zhisai Silva to take the hint quick plug, Kim Jin-Hyun grab clinging to the beautiful co-ordination of the ball, two midfield players in Spain.
42 minutes, Torres accurate cross, Mata broke the offside but the referee; one minute after the equalizer, South Korea, the Korean team hit the ball to the left, and then pass the ball to the middle block Albiol out, Kim Doo-hyun peripheral volley to break the 1 to 1, Kim Doo-hyun's long-range high quality, close to dead ends, the ball close to the left post to fly to score the net! [ video ] the first half both sides 1-1 draw.
Easy side of the second half of battles, 46 minutes Rafael Stuart peripheral pocket shot just wide; 52 minutes Menglei Yar periphery long denied Zhao Rongheng with arm, the referee decisive penalty plus a yellow card Real commander Tae Long, Cable kick hit the bottom left corner, the score became 2 to 1, Alonso national team 13 goals. [ video ] 55 minutes, Meng Lei Yar shot hit the hands of Kim Doo-hyun, Casola kick low shot near the angle, although the strength, but South Korea, wall jump too early, the ball rolled into the door. Spain 3 to 1 lead, New York Mets Snapback Hats Casola consecutive two warm-up game broke.
Spain substitutions Ramos, Torres, Cazorla and Mata Adrian Dominguez, Negredo and Soldado replaced. Tag through the first 60 minutes, Silva shot far corner over the bar, Bruno, 65 minutes, replaced Alonso, handed the armband Silva; 70 minutes, South Korea, the left wing counterattack with Zizhe restricted teammate direct passing to fight door was Arbeloa interference adjust another shot hit the side of the Internet, the minutes Houneigelei shot by Kim Jin-hyun incredible Puzhu.
79 minutes, Spain quick counter Soldado the ball low and flat cross scalpel-like tearing the line of defense of South Korea, Negredo left foot low shot through the file to break, the score became 4:1. [ video ] victory has been set, the Seville striker completed the first six goals of the national team, the replaced Reyna; 87 minutes, South Korea out of the corner, Casillas firmly confiscated; full match does not In stoppage time, Spain 4 to 1 victory over South Korea, under a warm-up match against the Chinese team.
Sides Lineup:
Spain (4231): 23 - Reina; 17 - Arbeloa, 2 - Albiol, 15 - Ramos (57 Domingos), 3 - Menglei Yar; 14 - Aron cable (65 'Bruno), 10 - Rafael Stuart; 20 - Cazorla (57' Negredo), 21 - Silva, 13 - Mata (57 'Adrian); 9 - Torres (57 'Soldado)
South Korea team (442): 23 - Golden Town, Hyun; - Choi Hyo town, 13 - with Zizhe (74 'gold in the city), 5 - Guotai Hui, 6 - Kim Doo-hyun (81' Wu Fanxi); 14 - Li Zheng Xiu, 12 - Lian-based hoon (46 'Kim Bo-Kyung), 3 - Cho Yong-Hyung,Oklahoma City Thunder 18 - Jin Xinyu (62' Jinzhi You); 11 - Lee root Gao (57 'Park Xian Fan), 10 - Pool East Yuan

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