Milan dark contact Real Madrid frustrated king star midfielder shake build Kuanggong the array

Tencent sports news this season, the defending fails, Snapbacks wholesale the old rival Juventus accounted for a season unbeaten advantages shared unbeaten team in the history of Serie A gilded Milan boss Beru Nova Benny on Allegri one hundred are not satisfied. However, in view of the results were pretty good, and the moment hard to find suitable candidates to the Allegri able to stay in Milan to continue coaching. Just embarrassing tert-new season will not longer be allowed to have any conservative have to practice, because the old shell has been ordered, the new season, he must see a full attack of Milan.
With the squad number of veterans have to leave the old Tony's idea seems to have the possibility of realization. Retain Pato , the introduction of Montolivo is to build the beginning of the attack Milan, Mancini visit Galliani, the media given the rumors and Ibrahimovic , but really only involves the two names, special Davis and Kolarov , in other words, cheap Milan wondering how to account for the Manchester City . Now, Milan playing the idea of Real , "Marca", according to Spanish media reports, the Real Madrid midfielder Shaheen's agent the Faze Li has already arrived in Milan and has been on the Turks transfer and Galliani negotiations.
"Turin Sports Daily said Faze Li actually contact the Milan clubs and Juventus have made,Detroit Lions but the Italian media tend to the Turks to join Milan, although the player I want to stay at Real Madrid, but a to Shaheen this season, too many injuries, long ago lost the confidence of Mourinho, and secondly, that he in Milan than in the Real Madrid have more space: Milan is in the shake-up stage, Gennaro Gattuso , Mark van Bommel and Clarence Seedorf leave so that he may have more upper. Treatment of individuals summoned up the courage, Shaheen does not consider the future.
Shaheen be able to join Milan, the Turks will inevitably become Rossoneri important to rely on the new season. Throughout Milan this season, lost the midfield Pirlo , offense and defense conversion rhythm and the situation under control as before, but rather to get Pirlo Juve this season drastic. How to re-find will be the absolute control of the midfield, is to create the full key to attack Milan. The bigger picture excellent, the Shaheen naturally good at scheduling and control of rhythmic placed to become the first choice of Milan, although this season, Real Madrid played a few, but last season in Dortmund, the ability to control the game has long been reputed in rivers and lakes.
Should Shaheen to be joining Milan midfielder Minato ( J-Boateng K-Boateng ), Qiboeteng Montolivo, Shaheen's trio,Obey Snapbacks plus the main keep, but the attack superior force Nocerino , compared to the season, Seedorf, Bommel,埃马努尔森, play the leading role of the midfield attack power upgrade more than one grade, plus Ibrahimovic front Yizhuqingtian, the Rossoneri hope to snatch away the championship next season from Juventus in the hands.



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