France defeated Sweden dressing room infighting Malouda: Some people are too selfish

RUTHERFORD News Beijing early morning of June 21, according to the disclosure of the "Guardian", the French lost to Sweden battle players in the locker room after a bitter quarrel. French coach Branko has publicly acknowledged the news, which Malouda criticism Nasri playing too selfish, forget the team.
Lost to Sweden, France the first advantage of England to replace, which have allowed early to face world champion Spain , which is perhaps based on a powerful enemy, the more tense after the game in the locker room: "The players face the cold ice, and all anger full. "has always been confidential Blanco team sources, but the contradiction between the words of the locker room with too. But the coach would have preferred the players to the hearts of anger into power: "That (quarrel) that our emotions, and I hope the game against Spain, because we need to cheer up."
Blanco broke out right after the game locker room contradictions In a word, but players Malouda after the game to accept a separate interview to say what was going on. Chelsea avant-garde aware of the 2010 World Cup in France because of the lessons of Anelka and other people stop training event "in the tense atmosphere that, I did not say anything as this French competition players, , because I know that attack others, will result in a more adverse impact. "Malouda said the case.
Locker room the players are differences of opinion, Malouda said: "Their argument is that it should, we do need such a character, and mutual encouragement."
"The Guardian" reflects on the players are the subject of debate, a major culprit is aimed at Nasri. Malouda also its quite prejudices: Nasri whole are playing in their own way, yes, he scored crucial goals in the match with England, but I want to say is, as an experienced player, he should not forget the balance of the team, Obviously, he detached from the team, playing too selfish. "
"Perhaps I am not the accused (Nasri), but the Spain game, if more, we will lose even worse! Spain has the absolute advantage of the ball, they can create opportunities for smart, find your weaknesses, therefore, we must find more ways to deal with team discipline must be strictly observed. "Malouda wants the team to the overall attitude to fight, rather than individual heroism.
Arsenal guard Kos Czerny also revealed the contradictions of the locker room: "When we returned to the locker room, we did not play the desired level and then the quarrel began ..." In addition, due to Philippe Mexes accumulated yellow card suspension Kos Czerny Instead, enter the starting lineup and Spain.

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