European Cup all the stars show Tencent microblogging Lang Lang and white microblogging met

In addition to the usually used social networking platform, the number of foreign players in China, opened a microblogging. During the European Cup, several microblogging site has also started a "PK Wars". Tencent Sports Center for European players have landed in the status quo of the Chinese microblogging editor, project leader of the European Cup Zhang Lei that it was "out of the Chinese market recognition and attention.
Lei disclose has been signed and will participate in the European Cup players include C Luo , Andres Iniesta, Pique and other people, and Tencent microblogging during the European Cup will actively update the micro Bo, immediate interaction with the Chinese fans. Before the 2010 World Cup in South Africa , Tencent signed Messi , as the microblogging platform of the main players in the World Cup. The European Cup, Tencent Although there is no introduced to encourage the players who made the the microblogging special incentives, but Zhang Lei said that Spain, Portugal, the team can win, or for success, then they will consider giving the C Luo, Andres Iniesta and Pique special award.
Spain had prohibited players to use social networking in the European Cup once Tencent microblogging is very depressed. Fortunately, the Bosque finally announced the lifting of the ban.
Many Chinese fans browsing the microblogging will have some questions, such as an international superstar Chinese website. Microblogging what is personally written, or are there other gunmen? Zhang Lei, explains: "These top stars for the recognition and attention on the Chinese market, the only Chinese fans through the microblogging is no doubt its authenticity, each micro-Bo players are my true feelings. Only The difference is that some people like to direct release, but someone will be microblogging to the brokerage team, and updated by them on behalf of, and will offer Chinese translation. "
Lei disclosed that Iniesta also met through the microblogging Lang Lang recital in Barcelona Real countries Derby in April this year , White also specifically held in Spain Lang Lang presented his own signature jersey.
As for C Ronaldo, yesterday afternoon in the Tencent microblogging breath made a three microblogging, Tencent is not spent a lot of the price? Zhang Lei said: "We are involving commercial secrets with his contract amount is not convenient to be too specific. I can only say that the matching and C Luo is now worth."


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