ESPN: Jeremy Lin finished burst Felton rocket 25 million offer wise

RUTHERFORD News Beijing July 17, the rocket to Jeremy Lin out of a three-year $ 25 million contract offer,Cheap snapbacks for sale aspects of New York in the end should choose should match it? ESPN Roundtable Today's topic for the hot news to start the six experts have given their views. The following is the original compilation:
For the purposes of the New York Knicks , Lin Hao, and Felton who is stronger
Henry Abbott: In comparison, then, perhaps in personal capacity or less, but Felton is not a good team point guard for his future, to become a Union in the mid-stream point guard pretty good, Jeremy Lin is an ability to change a team's point guard, his future unlimited.
JA · A Dandi: If the Knicks set a team goal to make the playoffs, then Felton can help them do that. If New York wants to make something in the playoffs, Jeremy Lin can help them.
John Hollinger: The answer can only Jeremy Lin. I carefully observed Felton 's performance in the Trail Blazers , his ball control is defective, the offensive threat of force is also inadequate, and these are Jeremy Lin's strengths.
Islamic Riel Gudiruizi: Jeremy Lin is currently the strength of the stronger potential is greater. In contrast, Lin Hao, lacking only in experience, but his explosiveness and basic skills must be Bifeierdun better.
Marc Stein: Although Jeremy Lin played only 25 games, but he has proved himself, he may have to Bifeierdun stronger.
David Thorpe: Now look at Jeremy Lin stronger will. Felton may become better, but he has been playing for several years, not much space. Jeremy Lin is not the same, with the accumulated experience of the game, he will become more and more outstanding.
Is it wise to offer rocket to Jeremy Lin 25 million in three years
Abbott: wise. If it is not limited by the second-round pick Jeremy Lin's starting salary will not only five million so little, so if this contract, on average, a year 8 million salary for him is appropriate. Taking into account the market value of Lin Hao, the rocket can be through commercial sponsorship to make it back.
A Dandi: not very wise. However, in this crazy summer, almost nothing sensible signing occurred.
Hollinger: This is hard to say, depends on Jeremy Lin can play what kind of performance. From the personal style, Jeremy Lin is actually very consistent taste Rockets coach Kevin McHale.
Gudiruizi: the price tag is caused by special reasons. The Rockets extreme lack of point guard, but in order to prevent the Knicks easily match, they came up with this approach. If Jeremy Lin future growth for the top 15 point guard in the Union, then this contract at least not as Anthony said, "absurd".
Stein: perfectly sensible. The Rockets lost Lori and Dragic , you need a trustworthy guard, if the offer is not high enough, the Knicks can easily match, the rocket will be nothing. Knicks quit this contract, the rocket is very successful.
Thorpe: wise. The first two years of salary is really cheap, increased sharply in the third year to $ 14.8 million, but the Rockets understand Jeremy Lin can help them earn more. Yao Ming has long been the church that the
Knicks should match the offer of the rocket
Abbott: This topic is of little value. Knicks always feel good about themselves,YMCMB Snapbacks and always think they can make some changes to the Acts of Union. In fact, as long as they do not change the tactics of Anthony singles, then there is no Jeremy Lin also does not make sense.
A Dandi: should not be. It can be seen from the final performance of the regular season, Jeremy Lin and Anthony simply not in tune, not to mention there a luxury tax pressure.
Hollinger: It should be. At least the first two season's salary is valuable. Even if the third year of the salary is too high, but the Knicks' ability to suction gold plus the commercial value of Lin Hao, cost recovery is not a problem.
Gudiruizi: should be. Jeremy Lin's strength and potential is clearly Bifeierdun and Kidd more, to say the Knicks wanted not bad money, this time should not back down!
Stein: It should be. Knicks can let him play a season, and then to see if need to leave him, or transactions. Do this contract think terrible, Joe Johnson can be traded.
Thorpe: It should be. Even the third year of the salary is a little outrageous,Boston Red Sox Snapback Hats but the Knicks still can be earned on the outside back.


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