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Fantasy footsteps of Wang, Zhu Fangyu, the precise one-third of wangshipeng,Cheap snapbacks for sale Sun Yue to recover the body blocks, the Chinese men's basketball debut this summer, several veteran players quickly into the game state. In comparison, those lively young players in the league failed to hit the proper style.
Harvest confidence, identify problems, and for Deng Jiajun, the warm-up match played a good training effect, London Road, the journey has only just begun.
Veteran status is reassuring
In the Zhucheng made the two-game winning streak on the U.S. Occupational wing, the Chinese Basketball by bus to Qingdao. Hua Germany's good mood, joking from time to time and the players, but also with concern asked the reporter, "The weather is cool to wear more clothes", according to his words: "in the United States where I live near the sea, the climate here is very comfortable. "
Comfortable environment just Hua Germany a good mood, one of the reasons, and really made him happy is to show by the veteran in the warm-up match in good condition. Everyone knows that the Chinese men's basketball in order to good performance, Wang, Zhu Fangyu, Wang Shipeng, Sun Yue, the main force of the play in London is essential. Hua Germany, the main purpose of the warm-up match is to let the veteran to regain their status, the past two games, their performance enough to make Hua Germany be assured.
First, some bright spots is the downturn wangshipeng as the state in the CBA Finals last season. The opener is an opening, wangshipeng dropped into a record pointers. The game, in the face of the close defense of the U.S. Occupational wing perimeter defender, wangshipeng kept in the bottom line to wear demolition of running, a few cover down, receiving the ball wangshipeng shot did not hesitate to appear confident. The opener, wangshipeng beyond the arc 5 4 get 14 points. After one day, wangshipeng again to get 14 points and contributed three rebounds, four assists and three steals. Love will have such a performance, Hua Germany is also full of praise: "Wang Shipeng performance is great, (finals), I never doubted his ability, he and Zhu Fangyu are fighters."
As Hua Germany said Zhu Fangyu also played a very high efficiency, the first battle, he got a game-high 20 points, the Second World War, Hua Germany also able to safely make him a truce. Talking about can quickly get out of the shadow of the total lost in the final,New era snapbacks Zhu Fangyu calmly said: "The game is over, so we have to look to the future, or to train hard."
Zhu Fangyu the same, Hua Germany in the second war, also allow Wang to rest, because the Big Zhi in the first performance enough to his satisfaction. Night, Wang in the third quarter, even the cast even, including two in mind the buzzer, the score of 11 points is not amazing, but vote 5 performance is sufficient to show the veteran is in good shape. After the match, Hua Germany at the press conference also specifically told reporters: "Let Wang to talk about, but Wang!"
Not only them, three months before the encounter the finger comminuted fracture of the Sun Yue also soon enter the state. Two games, Sun Yue played one after another 28 minutes and 31 minutes, is the team most. He did not live up to 10 points and 15 points respectively, of which the first three blocks is detonated Zhucheng Stadium. Sun Yue said that he has returned to Liu Qicheng level, the main task of the back of the game or improve the stability of the shooting.
The doctor Du Wenliang also said that the physical state of the team veteran who should be better than a few years ago, which also makes Hua Germany's more confidence.
"Throughout the summer training period, the veteran who tried very hard to improve." Hua Germany said, "This has been shown in the field, veterans are excellent on both ends, you can coach them, I feel very fortunate if the veteran can be positive, this is a very good thing. "
Newcomers need to accumulate experience
Despite the two warm-up match winning streak, but through the game, the Chinese men's basketball also exposed a lot of problems, one of the most prominent young players to play unstable.
Two games, West Zhu Yan, Di Xiaochuan, Wangzhe Lin, Guo Allan and Hande Jun playing time. In addition to Wang Zhelin other players are rarely the highlight of the performance, they show the characteristics of their respective clubs are not able to play. ,Washington Wizards Di Xiaochuan best at rebounding total of only grabbed two rebounds, five shots in shooting known for Zhu Yan West lost, Guo Allan sent out four assists after the second war in the first round assists to 0, which have been fans called "basket giant "of the Han Dejun there is no time to fight back the basket succeed.
The lack of playing time is to limit the teenager who played one of the reasons, in Hua Germany view, the shortcomings of the teenager who is not only reflected in the game, is also in peacetime training, and that is a lot of details in the field doing a good job.
(Win and exercise new) can not be both fully meet, I try to find a balance, which is a warm-up match, I really do not care about the results of win or lose. "Hua Germany said," but in this adult between career game in the field there are a lot of details need to learn, while they have not learned, so we do a lot of video work, taught them a lot. "
Hua Germany said the details of Di Xiaochuan empty cut moves, Zhu Yan West after the pick and roll move, Guo Ailun passes the timing and Hande Jun ball after being double-teamed, and the improvement of these details need to experience accumulation.
As the old players played seven years in the Chinese Basketball Sun Yue also experienced suited to the early Chinese Basketball in peacetime training, he and Wang, Zhu Fangyu veteran will often pass on some experience to the teenager who In his view, and the old players to communicate is very important.
"These young people great impact, but they are insufficient in terms of experience." Yue said, "I think they need to communicate and old players, the presence of more than old players is how to do."
Although the performance of young players have ups and downs, but Hua Germany did not lose confidence, he said, the Chinese men's basketball will not be because the teenager who is a moment not performing well will they cut to the future of Chinese basketball, he and the coaching staff will patience to help the teenager to improve.
"Let the young people in advance to leave their words are very selfish, so I tried to let them to stay longer,New era hats to allow them to learn, I do not want to be after I leave the people I have a bad impression." Hua Germany said, these young people, very talented, they are the future of basketball in China, I think that may be the second 2016 Olympic Games, people will see the best ever a Chinese men's basketball, they have to do or learn more . "



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