Book ho interested in the ruthless New York, a close friend of exposure still want to stay behind the Knicks

Tencent Sports News Beijing July 17, looks like the New York Knicks and the fate of Jeremy Lin seems to have quickly come to an end. Knicks before had a chance to direct renewal LinShuHao, thus avoiding the current must match the other team open to the embarrassment of his contract to keep him in New York, but New York Knicks To test LinShuHao market value, and there is no such to do so. Although the Knicks this move makes Jeremy Lin was quite unhappy However, according to the message of "New York Post," said Jeremy Lin is actually still want to stay in the New York Knicks.
Although New York is already let it be known how much money will match Jeremy Lin of the contract. But the star of their practical actions far there are no words momentum. Knicks first almost shamelessly refused to acknowledge receipt of the rocket offer contracts to delay the match time, followed surprise deal to the same position with Jeremy Lin and positive when the play of Raymond - Felton. This trick one, the media have predicted the Knicks match rocket quote may have been tiny. But even though the Knicks heartless, Jeremy Lin was not unjust. It is reported that the New York Post yesterday contacted a close friend of Jeremy Lin around, ask each other LinShuHao hope that the New York Knicks match the rocket to offer book ho. Lin Hao, the friends are given the answer is yes, "he hope so."
In addition, Jeremy Lin's coach in high school to stand up to speak. He also said Jeremy Lin to stay in New York. "He never thought of this (referring to was forced to leave New York), Jeremy Lin high school coach Peter , it comes. "He sounded surprised that he loves the fans of New York in New York two months of experience, the Knicks' system is a big shock and I think he is the psyche believe that the Knicks will match his receipt of any contract offer. "
Obviously, Lin Hao, the Knicks have deep feelings, he also believed said before the Knicks will match any of the received speech on his offer. But the Knicks trading Felton's move yesterday, apparently letting Jeremy Lin greatly surprised.YMCMB Snapbacks New York Knicks in the end will match the rocket out of the contract for Jeremy Lin Jeremy Lin own heart has no bottom.


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